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2012/9/22 HK Leisure and Cultural Services Department together with HK Heritage Museum have appointed South China Research Resource Station of HK University of Science Technology, to award us on 21st of September 2012 a Certificate of Appreciation for our participation to let Ziwei Chinese Astrology to be on the list of the general survey on Intangible Heritage Conservation.
2012/7/21 We have been asked by our members many times that how they can learn Ziwei Chinese Astrology from Master Huen Pak Cheong (our honorary consultant). We would like to alert public that Mr. Huen has not taught any class for a long time. But his valuable Ziwei teaching materials and videos have been donated to This web site would approve if the teaching materials and videos be purchased by intended buyers. Visitors to this web site can also learn about their character type, sho
2012/3/27 HK University of Science Technology appointed by HK Recreational and Cultural Affairs department would soon complete the general survey on Intangible Heritage Conservation by mid year 2012.
2012/3/6 New articles on metaphysics have been posted in this web site. Just log into Data library. Enjoy.
2012/2/12 Mr. Huen's first disciple "Chong Fung" has found a page in Facebook full of cute and accurate Ziwei astrology information, and articles on metaphysics. Just go to Facebook and search for "ZiweiLife". You can get free updates by clicking "Like" to join as their fans.
2011/11/23 Conservation of Ziwei Chinese Astrology Non-Profit Making Limited (COZCA) has officially become a charity body in Hong Kong. Details can be found in the related government department.
2011/1/1 Public consultation -- We are gathering Ziwei Astrology courses which can reveal ancestral insights and knowledge. These courses will be recommended to public learning. We are inviting experienced Ziwei Astrology scholars to join in recommending Ziwei Astrology courses. Also we invite the public to submit in their Ziwei Astrology course outlines, merits, course organizer names, for recommendation purposes. Consultation period: Until 31 Jan, 2011. Email: / Fax: 2801-5011
2010/12/17 Free Ziwei astrology advice is now available -- Mr. Huen’s first disciple “Chong Fung” will take questions. Send your birth date, time, a passport photo, a full-height photo of your front, and your questions to “Chong Fung” will answer questions during off-duty time. Answers replying critical issues will be a major. All personal names will not be disclosed, but we reserve our rights to post cases to this web site. You can also share your life experience by sending in articles.
2010/12/16 Register as a member, will get Free info -- free info on Ziwei Chinese Astrology theories ; Ziwei Chinese Astrology courses’ learning guidelines ; free question on personal affairs ; cultural exchange on metaphysics and related proselike articles (under construction) - more Ziwei Chinese Astrology heritage conservation activities broadcasts ; free trial of simplified Ziwei Chinese Astrology
2010/12/15 HK govoernment has paid attention to Ziwei Astrology Heritage Conservation -- The University of Science Technology (UST),appointed by Hong Kong Government,has started and closely following up on the research on our (Conservation of Ziwei Chinese Astrology Non-Profit Making Ltd) application – Ziwei Astrology Conservation.Hong Kong Ziwei Astrology scholistic pioneer researcher,who is also our honorary consultant,Mr. Huen Pak Cheong,is one of the representatives being interviewed by UST.More detail
2010/12/8 Who are the 3 chosen ones, getting free advice ...If you have attended the Ziwei Heritage Conservation seminar held on Nov 13, 2010 and submitted in your personal details as well as questions form, please pay attention. We have randomly drawn 3 persons to answering their questions. Their HKIDs are : G1149xxx Mr.Chan?D7527xxx Ms.Kwan?D5478xxx Mr.Cheng. We will contact these 3 persons in a short while.
2010/12/2 Magazine "New Media" interviewed Mr. Huen Pak Cheong & our company -- Another media "New Media" magazine also interviewed lecturer Huen Pak Cheong (Honorary consultant of our club/ co.) and one of the core members of our club / company. Members can login into Data Library to know more about the details. (only Chinese version)
2010/12/1 Magazine "New Mystery" interviewed Honorary Consultant Mr. Huen Pak Cheong -- Follow-up on the “authenticity” has always been the key tasks of online metaphysics magazine (New Mystery). Its reporter has invited our Honorary Consultant Mr. Huen for interview. Login Data Library for more details (only Chinese version).
2010/11/15 Ziwei Astrology Heritage Conservation Discussion Opening seminar is successful -- On Nov 13, 2010 the Ziwei Astrology Heritage Conservation Discussion Opening seminar has been successfully held. We have great support from the audience! If you want to go to Data Library and Photo Album to see the limelight, please register as a member.
2010/10/13 Ziwei Heritage Conservation Free Seminar -- Discussion Forum Opening – Thousands of Years of treasure knowledge in Ziwei Astrology is not a superstition. Date: Nov 13, 2010. Time: 7:30pm-9pm. Venue: Hong Kong Polytechnic University Chiang Chen Theatre. Guest speakers are Mr. Huen Pak Cheong (Honorary Consultant of the organizer), Lee Lik Chi (movie director). Contact for details.