ZiWei World Heritage Conservation


Until 1949, Kuomintang was gradually defeated by Communists, some Kuomintang officers retreated to Taiwan, one of them fled to Hong Kong. He is a famous mentor of Ziwei, Lu Bin Zhao. When Mr. Lu worked in Hong Kong, he had the essence of Ziwei, passed onto a few students with Ziwei intelligence. Likewise, Ziwei could pass onto generations retaining the original conceptions. Mr. Huen Pak Cheong is one of his successors and currently the sole mentor in Hong Kong to resound the ancient starry jewel of Ziwei.

Mastering the essential knowledge and technique of Ziwei, Mr. Huen started Ziwei Academy in Hong Kong in late 1970's. He unveiled the mysterious relationship of stars and human beings in Ziwei Astrology. Through amateur teaching, he shared with people the secretive success and wisdom of ancient emperors.

From 1970's to 1980's, Ziwei launched heat waves for people in Hong Kong to try out and to study. The waves have then transferred to Taiwan, Japan and America.

Hong Kong SAR government announced in 2006 that the heritage in Hong Kong should be conserved. Ziwei Astrology has history exceeding a couple of thousand years, since long ago been influencing decision making process of important people, is a culture that has enhanced our growth. In light of the above, this web site is designed to promote and generalize Ziwei Astrology, to give exposure and insights to more people, to let people of wisdom receive benefits from this ancient astrology.